Monday, February 01, 2010


So, they tried to book a gig without me knowing, ay? Ah, ha. Didn't work did it. I today, thanks to Sue, found out the ywill be playing the RAH in March. Who? Yup. Tickets on sale on my Birthday. Watch this space.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who to play at Superbowl

I can today -almost exclusively - announce that the Who will be play at the Superbowl in 2010.

The two remaining original members, Pete T..., oh, you know who they are by now, were today unavailable for comment. Townshend, who is busy Flossing and Daltrey on tour with the Werther Throat Sweet-sponsered "use it or lose it" tour, are by all accounts, "dead excited."
Long-term brother of Townshend, Simon Townshend commented: "Yeah, ever since they were photographed wearing football helmets for the cover of their "Odds & Sods" album they have made it their goal to play at the Superbowl."

An NFL spokesperson said: "It's going to be a blast. Townshend & Daltrey were drafted in by the Patriots in close season; Townshend as A back-up Quarterback and Daltrey as a kicker". He added: "Pete's got a great arm action so is ideal for the position. Daltrey, however, is a short git and we couldn't think of anywhere else to play him except Kicker. Let's hope it doesn't come to a last-minute field goal attempt in overtime, ay?"

When pressed on what would happen if the Patriots didn't reach the final he drawled: "Oh man, I don't even want to think about that right now. If the Patriots don't get there -and we will do anything we can to ensure they do-then it means that the Who will have to do the half-time show. I mean, how many times can one nation hear Won't get fooled again?" "God save us."

The Who's manager, Bill Curbishly -long-term brother of Alan, disgraced ex manager of the mighty West Ham, said: "Is that what he said?" (of the NFL spokesperson) "Well in that case, we'll do Baba O'Reilly, then".

The NFL spokesperson replied: "Is that what he said?" (of Bill Curbishly). "Thank fuck for that, it's a better song."

Curbishly retorted: " Did he really say that?" (Of the NFL spokesperson)

At which point I reminded them both that we were in the same room and they really need to get over this not talking to each other bollocks and grow up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Tour

So, Spiny Norman are on a mini tour. I say tour, it's 3 gigs in the next two weeks'. And all of them pretty much local so no aeroplanes to Cyprus worse luck.

To yet again borrow something from the world of the Who -Roger Daltrey's solo tour is called, Use it or lose it -I have nicknamed the tour, Lose what? We never had any. Or words to that effect.

Considering we planned at the end of last year to gig more, this has been a pretty quiet year for Spiny. I have noticed a few changes in the guys: Al is shorter and has less hair -no mean feat as he was totally bald anyway- Andy has monkey thumbs from twiddling the knobs on his amp unattended and Egg, love him, looks 40 years older. One good thing to come out of the recent practice sessions at Manic Studios, is that the owner has now cancelled proposed building works due to Egg constantly leaning against the wall and thus correcting a very bad tilt.

We have been joined in the studio by Johnie Monkey Hawkins, lead singer of Funky Monkey, who will be fronting the stage -well, upturned timber pallet really - for a one-off musical marvel in Mountain Ash.

I, of course, am fighting fit and ready to go accept for: a sore neck,aching arms, and a dodgy knee. Oh, and a lack of drumsticks and no time to go and buy some.

Makes for some good shows.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

So what's new?

Just a bit.

Been doing a different job for the last 6 weeks. Who knows, it may turn out to be permanent an i can leave proper work behind.

Bought another new geetar. Pics to follow.

Apart from that Spiny Norman are very, very quiet. It's all because Andy is a very, very busy little s*****r. No details, i'm afraid. Strict instructions not to say anything -not even a hint of it.

News is we are in for a practice session in a month. i think by that time i will have forgotten what Egg looks like and I may mistake him as an intruder.

Alun, Andy and I went to see a Status Quo covers band last night. Pretty average really. That's what has given us renewed hope for Spiny. Although that may have been the atmos getting to us as no doubt, we will struggle to plug the new mixer in, let alone get it sounding proper.

We have an updated web site. http://www.spiny-norman.co.uk

go there, click on my name and you'll get linked back to here. Totally pointless but it's a good way to kill a bit of time.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well, look who's back. Delbut has been away too long. To be honest, not had anything interesting or funny to say and i don't do boring ( matter of opinion, i suppose).

What have i been doing? Absofuckinglutley not much. Like everyone else, i have fallen into the facebook trap and am getting bored of that now.
Still playing with Spiny and about to "sit-in" with another band for a couple of gigs so learning some new stuff, too. Also been learning some guitar stuff with an old mate of mine from another band i used to play in. So, musically busy but in a amatuer type of way.

Was hoping to get back to Cyprus in May but Andy our guitar player is being a poof and spending his money on his shitpit of a car. (Poof? Can't use that anymore, can I? I'm not poofist, some of my best friends...yada,yada,yada. No, seriously, i love you all -although not in a biblical sense)

Well, watch this space -i'll be back in September if true to form.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Polifuckingticians- A Rant.

Although i have strong political views, I have no political allegiance to any of our parties here in the UK. I tend to agree and disagree with all parties on certain bits of their main policies. They are ALL in it for themselves and what started out as a working for the dirty masses, has turned into a selfish, self-promoting, fuck you jack, free-for-all.

i cant think of one politician who would last 10 minutes in a "proper" job. The amount of fuck-ups by this and past governments are, sadly, too many to list and would be laughable if not so serious in that they fuck up so many people's lives. The latest example of talking before you are fully awake has come from Yvette Cooper, cabinet spokes person for something or other (the treasury, i think) responded to the conservatives' announcement that they would, if they get to power, raise the threshold of Inheritance tax to £1m per person or £2m for a couple. ( currently set by Labour at £1/4M or there abouts) Yvette, I would like to think, in a state of panic (but it probably is down to straightforward idiocy), commented thus:
" It's just a tax break for millionaires". HELLO, you stupid bitch. If you pay no tax on inheritance under £1M; and therefore pay tax on £1M or over, it's a tax ON millionaires. How stupid can one person be? No need to answer that one, i know from experience.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

By popular demand

Ok folks. some of you still come here to read what Delbut is up to. Sue even suggested that i should "make something up like i used to". Sue, everything on here is true and factual. I've never made anything up.

Today's topic is the Olympics. Seems team GB has had one of the most successful Olympics -ever. We are third only to the Chinese and Americans. Yeah, we are beating the Aussies. Whoohoo.

Now the realistic bit. We have won most of our medals either in or on the water or on a push bike. Mmm. Considering we are surrounded by water and have had the wettest summer on record and most of the in-land area consists of very large puddles and, just as importantly, because we have run out of petrol, we are now cycling everywhere, how could we fail?

All other events that rely on: throwing things, lifting things, hand/eye coordination, shooting clay objects, punching people, running around in circles, running a long way, jumping over things in the way, any ball game, dressing up in leotards, bows and arrows -well, everything else really-we are still pretty crap at.

What we need now is another conflict with the French so we can brush up on the archery and shooting skills and maybe ask the Romans, Angles and Vikings to invade us again so we can practice the running away bit. We have got too comfortable in peace time so Delbut's answer is: full-on WAR. I intend standing on a cliff at Dover and showing my naked arse to the French while doodling a beard on to a photograph of Edith Piaf. That should do it.

Is it wrong to watch the female swimmers for more than their aquatic ability?